TTAB Connectors

Founded in 1935, the company was originally developing domestic appliances but soon built on its foundations by moving into the military markets developing electrical interconnect systems. Now the company is known for its leading abilities in the development of the harsh environment connectors, bespoke harness assemblies and design.

The range of interconnect systems produced by TTAB are especially designed for aerospace and defence, industrial and rail industries. Research has been driven to develop new materials and learn how to process and surface treat them. The most up-to-date technology and the demanding qualities leave only the finest components fit for surviving extreme conditions.

TTab Electronics 608/Mk 18 Connectors

A complete range of medium density connectors and accessories designed to withstand extreme environmental conditions. Meeting the requirements of BS9522-F0020, Mk18 connectors are particularly suitable for exposed areas within marine and land based equipments. The nickel aluminium bronze shells provide excellent corrosion resistance coupled with high strength.

The quick start threaded coupling nut with anti vibration device gives positive controlled compression of the interface seal in a metal to metal condition, resulting in a screening performance of 75dB at 100MHz typical and 55dB at 1000MHz. Mk 18 connectors are available in 9 shell sizes with planforms, based on Mil-C-26482 accommodating from 2 to 61 contacts.

A full range of sealed outlets accommodate jacketed screened multicore cables and provide a cable entry which is watertight to a depth of 12 feet.

TTab Electronics 608/Mk 18 Connectors TTAB Connectors

TTab Electronics AB Mk 22 Connectors

Low to medium density connectors with sealed cable outlets designed for marine applications. The MK22 range is engineered to meet the severe environmental and mechanical demands encountered in both above, and below deck applications. AB22 connectors are approved to VG96930 specification.

The range features a two part outlet fitting which simplifies wiring of multicore jacketed cables. Coupling is achieved by a fine threaded coupling nut which gives positive sealing and screen continuity. The current range covers 26 contact arrangements accommodating a maximum of 108 contacts in the largest shell size.

TTab Electronics AB Mk 22 Connectors TTAB Connectors

TTab Electronics AB05 (MIL C 26482 series 1) Connectors

These connectors conform to the stringent requirements of BS9522 F0017, and US specification Mil-C-26482, series 1 solder and CECC 75 201 003.

The AB05 range of connectors feature positive 3 pin bayonet coupling or ‘push-pull’ variant in shell sizes 10 and 12 for quick release applications.

AB05 connectors are economical and lightweight for most military ground, commercial, and industrial applications. Insulators are polychloroprene and provide excellent solvent and insulation resistance with environmental sealing.

A full range of accessories including screened / non screened adaptors, cable clamps, grommet sealing nuts, general duty adaptors and protective caps are available.

TTab Electronics AB05 (MIL C 26482 series 1) Connectors TTAB Connectors

TTab Electronics AB06 (MIL C 26482 series 1) Connectors

AB06 connectors are an extension of the established AB05 range and are suitable for communication equipment etc.

Designed to the requirements of the Royal Signals and Radar Establishments, AB06 connectors are available in shell sizes 8, 10 and 12, and offer all the performance characteristics and design features of AB05 (Pattern 105) connectors. The addition of a ‘snatch’ type coupling nut for quick release applications is available in shell size 10.

Accessories include straight polychloroprene sleeves for tinsel cordage, 90° outlets, and protective caps. The Bowman 10-76 connector range is now available.

TTab Electronics AB06 (MIL C 26482 series 1) Connectors TTAB Connectors

TTab Electronics AB3S Connectors

Triple start ACME style thread for rapid coupling. Extended length coupling nut with anti-rotation device. Dimensions generally conform to Mil-C-5015 specifications. Contact planforms, backshells & accessories common with ABCIRH range. Optional overmoulded coupling nut. Five key orientation with positive location feature.

TTab Electronics AB3S Connectors TTAB Connectors

TTab Electronics AB700 Series Connectors

Single contact 700 amp rating. 2-part moulding contact retention. Fully shrouded pin contact. Separate cable screen drain wire. Rapid 3 pin bayonet coupling. Conforms to Mil-C-5015 mounting dimensions. Full environmental sealing. Rubber covered coupling nut.

TTab Electronics AB700 Series Connectors TTAB Connectors

TTab Electronics ABBMS/HTABBMS Connectors

ABBMS Bayonet connectors are based on Mil-C-5015 and conform to BS9522-F0032, and to VG 95234 (Germany). ABB Connectors feature bayonet lock coupling, crimp or solder contacts, protection against water ingress and excellent shielding and continuity characteristics between mated connectors by featuring sprung coupling nuts. The connectors feature polychloroprene insulators remaining flexible at temperatures up to 125°C.

The HTABB variant contact arrangements are available with high temperature insulators that can operate between - 40°C to + 190°C. (HTABBMS).

TTab Electronics ABBMS/HTABBMS Connectors TTAB Connectors

TTab Electronics ABCIRH Connectors

ABCIRH Series. The AB Connectors Industrial Range is based on the ABB MS Series.

To minimise wear caused by vibration and frequent coupling, the bayonet lock coupling features stainless steel pins at critical wear points of the cam track on the fixed connector. The ABCIRH connectors are manufactured with low fire hazard halogen free insulators as standard. This material has been independently tested and conforms to the most stringent requirements. ABCIRH connectors meet all the electrical, mechanical and environmental requirement of BS9522-F0032 and VG 95234.

A full range of back shells and accessories are available to meet the requirements of industrial applications including those of the Mass Transportation market.

TTab Electronics ABCIRH Connectors TTAB Connectors

TTab Electronics ABCIRP Connectors

ABCIRP connector series originates from Mil C 5015 and VG95234 specifications.

The connectors are intermateable and interchangeable with corresponding types, with the advantage of a low fire hazard thermoplastic insulator, removable for repositioning at an alternative orientation. Contacts are industry standard F80 type and are retained in the insulator by means of a unique beryllium copper spring clip. The ABCIRP connector range includes sealing features such as a stepped wire seal grommet which can remove the need to populate unused cavities with filler plugs. Crimp tooling is industry standard. Contacts are inserted and removed using simple hand tools.

The ABCIRP range of connectors are approved to French Rail specification N.F.F 61030.

TTab Electronics ABCIRP Connectors TTAB Connectors

TTab Electronics ABPC Series Connectors

The AB Power Connector range of heavy duty electrical connectors is designed for general purpose use and to meet the requirements of power distribution in harsh environments.

The outer shell components are manufactured from a tough thermo-plastic to ensure full insulation and high corrosion resistance. Inner shell components are plated aluminium for strength and provide electrical continuity for screening purposes. The connectors feature bonded leading earth contacts and pilot pins for ‘earth loop monitoring’.

The AB Power Connectors have contact arrangements suitable for both single or three phase power supplies. The connectors conform to specification CECC 75-201-007.

TTab Electronics ABPC Series Connectors TTAB Connectors

TTab Electronics ABSB Connectors

Based on the ABBMS Series of bayonet coupling connectors the ABSB range is manufactured using shells and accessories manufactured from high corrosion resistant stainless steel.

Ideally suited for marine and harsh applications, the ABSB range is also for applications where highly corrosive environments will be encountered.

The standard accessory is designed to accept jacketed screened cable and heat shrink boot. Performance of the connector is generally to VG 95234 with additional environmental requirements.

TTab Electronics ABSB Connectors TTAB Connectors

TTab Electronics ABXS Series Connectors

The ABXS series uses a ball-bearing coupling Mechanism within a pull to release coupling nut, the ABXS Miniature Push-Pull Connector is easy to use and provides a reliable interconnect for signal and power in audio, control and instrumentation applications. The range has two shell sizes housing 3 to 9 gold plated contacts in a range shell finishes. The connector cannot be disconnected by pulling on the cable or back shell using normal force. The shells are made from copper alloy with a choice of finishes in bright nickel or black epoxy.

TTab Electronics ABXS Series Connectors TTAB Connectors

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