In 1952, Radiall started with producing coaxial plugs. This was around the time when the television industry started really developing, however over time, Radiall needed to adjust and look to expand to different markets using aerospace, medical and defence technologies.

Radiall is recognized for its reliable products which can be punished in severe conditions without losing performance. The innovative ideas come from the wealth of expertise and proficiencies in the manufacturing processes.

Radiall BNC (incl. BNC HDTV) Connectors

4 GHz/ 50 ohm (R141), 1.5 GHz/ 75 ohm (R142), 6 GHz/ 75 ohm HDTV (R142), 1.5 GHz/ 50 ohm SECurity (R140) / Bayonet coupling. The BNC was designed for military use and has gained wide acceptance in video & RF applications, and many types of test equipment.

Radiall BNC (incl. BNC HDTV) Connectors Radiall

Radiall C Connectors

(R166)11 GHz/ 50 ohms. This bayonet coupling. connector was designed to handle high power applications. It is also robust and waterproof.

Radiall C Connectors Radiall

Radiall DSX (SAE AS91659 - ARINC 404) Connectors

Multipin connectors used to electrically interface avionics equipment to equipment rack. Applications: commercial, military aircrafts, helicopters, radar systems, power circuits, in-flight electronic instrumentation and flight simulators.

Radiall DSX (SAE AS91659 - ARINC 404) Connectors Radiall

Radiall HN Connectors

(R176) 2 GHz/ 50 ohms/ Screw-on. Chosen for its mechanical strength and high voltage characteristics.

Radiall HN Connectors Radiall

Radiall MPX (MIL-DTL-83527B & EN3682) Connectors

High density rectangular rack & panel connectors, available in 3 shell sizes, suitable for harsh environment. Airframe military applications. Wide range of solutions available, with the possibility to mix a variety of contacts in the same connector.

Radiall MPX (MIL-DTL-83527B & EN3682) Connectors Radiall

Radiall N (incl. Composite N) Connectors

(R161/ R162) 11 GHz/ Screw-on/ 50 ohms (R161), 75 ohms (R162). Composite N receptacles offer low intermodulation, no corrosion, low weight, and are intermeatable with standard N plugs.

Radiall N (incl. Composite N) Connectors Radiall

Radiall NSX (ARINC 600) Connectors

Multipin rack and panel connectors used to connect high performance aeronautical equipment. High contact density arrangements and a wide range of contact types and sizes. Radiall offers the broadest ARINC 600 product range.

Radiall NSX (ARINC 600) Connectors Radiall

Radiall SMA Connectors

18 GHz/ 50 ohms/ Screw-on. Stainless steel SMA (R125) is designed for high frequency airborne and military applications. Some connectors are specified up to 27 GHz. Brass SMA-COM (R124) is for telecom and industrial applications.

Radiall SMA Connectors Radiall

Radiall SMB (incl. SMB-Lock) Connectors

(R114/ R115/ R116) 4 GHz/ 50 ohms/ Snap-on. Also available: SMB Limited Detent (R115), SMB Slide-on (R116), SMB Lock (R117).

Radiall SMB (incl. SMB-Lock) Connectors Radiall

Radiall SMC Connectors

(R112/ R212) 10 GHz/ Screw-on/ 50 ohms (R112), 75 ohms (R212). Same microwave line as SMB with threaded coupling.

Radiall SMC Connectors Radiall

Radiall TNC Connectors

(R143/ R144) 11 GHz/ 50 ohms (R143), 75 ohms (R144)/ Screw-on.

Radiall TNC Connectors Radiall

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