E-T-A are forerunners for designing and manufacturing custom circuit breakers for electrical overcurrent protection. A broad range of equipment supplies simple fixes for any situation.

Constantly looking for solutions for a changing market, E-T-A are a first-class problem solver producing new innovative designs and technologies.

E-T-A 104

Thermal Circuit Breaker, integrated type, single pole.

E-T-A 104 E-T-A

E-T-A 104-PR

Thermal Circuit Breaker for PCB mounting, single pole.

E-T-A 104-PR E-T-A

E-T-A 105

Thermal Circuit Breaker for snap-in-mounting, single pole.

E-T-A 105 E-T-A

E-T-A 106

Thermal Circuit Breaker for threadneck panel mounting, single pole.

E-T-A 106 E-T-A

E-T-A 1110

Push-push thermal switch/circuit breaker combination, single pole.

E-T-A 1110 E-T-A

E-T-A 1120

Double pole combined circuit breaker and ON/OFF switch with rocker actuation.

E-T-A 1120 E-T-A

E-T-A 1140-E

Single pole thermal Circuit Breaker, integral type.

E-T-A 1140-E E-T-A

E-T-A 1140-F

Thermal circuit breaker for snap-in panel mounting, single pole.

E-T-A 1140-F E-T-A

E-T-A 1140-G

Thermal circuit breaker for threadneck panel mounting, single pole.

E-T-A 1140-G E-T-A

E-T-A 1140-G.5

Thermal circuit breaker for threadneck panel mounting, double pole, one pole thermally protected.

E-T-A 1140-G.5 E-T-A

E-T-A 1160

Thermal automotive circuit breaker with automatic reset function.

E-T-A 1160 E-T-A

E-T-A 1170

Miniaturised thermal automotive Circuit Breaker with colour-coded manual release.

E-T-A 1170 E-T-A

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