Wago PicoMAX® Terminal Blocks

  • Doubles usage of contact force from single Cr-Ni stainless steel pins by clamping the conductor and connecting the header pin.
  • The ‘Spring Pressure Connection Technology’ and new insulations guarantee total contact reliability even at high temperatures.
  • Female header pins are almost completely covered by the male header pins and lock in using integrated latches for vibration resistance of up to 20G.
  • The short contact bridge separates the termination unit from the header pin minimizing contact resistance.
  • A pluggable connection system reduces space required by up 30% and so needs only a minimal area to mate.
  • Protruding locking latch interlocks with the female header pin creating a tough connection.
  • Contact force of the clamps adjust to the size of the conductors automatically.
  • Available in 3.5, 5.0 and 7.5mm pin spacing.
  • The innovative Cage Clamp S connection works for all conductor types.
  • Simple push in termination of solid and ferruled conductors.
  • Female connectors can be wired while mated and unmated.
  • This setup doesn’t require any specialist tools.
  • Distinct locking latches prevent accidental disconnection of male header and female connector.
  • Efficient testing even when wired with test slot parallel to wire entry.
  • Coding options within male header.
  • Effective protection against mismating.
  • Simple contact system with highest contact reliability.
  • PCB terminal block can be used as a pluggable connector.
  • More compact without pin housing.
  • Best price/performance ratio.

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