Neutrik XLR Chassis Connectors

A matching range of chassis receptacles to complement the XLR cable plugs, incorporating many options including compact, PCB, Shielded, Grounded, latching/non latching, Crimp, Solder contacts, front and rear mounting etc.

The receptacles are available in matching Plastic, Nickel or Black Chrome housings.

Neutrik A Series Connectors

Smallest XLR receptacle, suitable for high density mounting, various grounding options, selective gold plated contacts and PCB termination. UL 94-0

Neutrik A Series Connectors Neutrik

Neutrik A/B Series 5-pole Switch

A & B series 5 pole receptacle with additional switch. Normally open, normally closed (NO-NC) contact. Switch activated by mating plug, available in 5 pole, 3 & 4 pole upon request.


Neutrik AA Series Connectors

Front panel cutout and PCB layout compatible to the A series. Cost effective, selective gold contacts and PCB termination. UL 94 HB.

Neutrik AA Series Connectors Neutrik

Neutrik B Series Connectors

The B series XLR receptacle offers same features as A series, complete with metal ring for EMC and rf protection. Rear mount, females available latchless.

Neutrik B Series Connectors Neutrik

Neutrik BA Series Connectors

Economical version of B series with reduced flange. Available in 3, 4 and 5 pole versions, with nickel ring. Rear mount.

Neutrik BA Series Connectors Neutrik

Neutrik Combo A Series Connectors

Combined 3 pole XLR receptacle and ¼” phone jack, space saving, horizontal and vertical PCB mount available. Ideal for digital audio. Panel cut out compatible with Neutrik XLR A Series.

Neutrik Combo A Series Connectors Neutrik

Neutrik Combo Series Connectors

Combined XLR receptacle and 1/4” phone jack, saves rack space, horizontal or vertical PCB mounting, or hard wired soldered. Fully normalled stereo or mono versions, suitable for digital audio.

Neutrik Combo Series Connectors Neutrik

Neutrik D Series Connectors

“D” metal shell, optimal RF protection using three shield contacts. Horizontal and vertical PCB mount & ground. Two piece receptacle, screw termination available.

Neutrik D Series Connectors Neutrik

Neutrik DL Series Connectors

“D” metal shell, solder cup contacts on 3 – 7 pole versions. PCB mount on 4 & 5 pole, front and rear mountable.

Neutrik DL Series Connectors Neutrik

Neutrik DLX Crimp Series Connectors

3 pole DLX series receptacle with crimp contacts. Wire sizes AWG 24 – 22 or 0.22 – 0.34 mm. RoHs compliance. Lead free and solderless connection for field and on site termination.

Neutrik DLX Crimp Series Connectors Neutrik

Neutrik DLX Series Connectors

Next generation of DL series with greater functionality. Metal housing with duplex ground contact for best RF protection and grounding. Unique cage female contacts on 3 pole version for increased conductivity. Machined contacts on 4 – 7 pole versions. Standard dimensions.

Neutrik DLX Series Connectors Neutrik

Neutrik EMC Series Connectors

3 Pole female XLR chassis connector with integral capacitive shield to shell, avoiding RF interference and LF noise. 360 deg shield contact and D flange chassis for panel mounting. Patent pending.

Neutrik EMC Series Connectors Neutrik

Neutrik MPR – HD Series Connectors

IP 65 in combination with NC*FX-HD cable plug, Suitable for external applications, complete with sealing gasket and gold plated contacts.

Neutrik MPR – HD Series Connectors Neutrik

Neutrik P Series Connectors

Male & female receptacle available in 3-6 pin configurations (7 pin available in female only) Male & females use different mounting holes (front mounting only) short female contact. Compatible with Switchcraft DxM, DxF, Cannon XLRx31, XLRx32.

Neutrik P Series Connectors Neutrik

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