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Hub Electronics stock and distribute a dedicated range of MIL spec and industrial connectors suitable for marine applications. Mk 18, Mk 35, Mk 38 and Mk 22 are all Military derived and include a comprehensive range of sealed adaptors, sealing caps and accessories suitable for above and below deck use. The Mk 35 series is intermatable with D38999 series 3.

Please follow the marine connector tabs to relevant product range and technical data. If you are unable to find a product suitable for your application or simply require additional information, please contact the sales office.

TTab Electronics 608/Mk 18 Connectors

A complete range of medium density connectors and accessories designed to withstand extreme environmental conditions. Meeting the requirements of BS9522-F0020, Mk18 connectors are particularly suitable for exposed areas within marine and land based equipments. The nickel aluminium bronze shells provide excellent corrosion resistance coupled with high strength.

The quick start threaded coupling nut with anti vibration device gives positive controlled compression of the interface seal in a metal to metal condition, resulting in a screening performance of 75dB at 100MHz typical and 55dB at 1000MHz. Mk 18 connectors are available in 9 shell sizes with planforms, based on Mil-C-26482 accommodating from 2 to 61 contacts.

A full range of sealed outlets accommodate jacketed screened multicore cables and provide a cable entry which is watertight to a depth of 12 feet.

TTab Electronics 608/Mk 18 Connectors TTAB Connectors

TTab Electronics AB Mk 22 Connectors

Low to medium density connectors with sealed cable outlets designed for marine applications. The MK22 range is engineered to meet the severe environmental and mechanical demands encountered in both above, and below deck applications. AB22 connectors are approved to VG96930 specification.

The range features a two part outlet fitting which simplifies wiring of multicore jacketed cables. Coupling is achieved by a fine threaded coupling nut which gives positive sealing and screen continuity. The current range covers 26 contact arrangements accommodating a maximum of 108 contacts in the largest shell size.

TTab Electronics AB Mk 22 Connectors TTAB Connectors

TTab Electronics ABSB Connectors

Based on the ABBMS Series of bayonet coupling connectors the ABSB range is manufactured using shells and accessories manufactured from high corrosion resistant stainless steel.

Ideally suited for marine and harsh applications, the ABSB range is also for applications where highly corrosive environments will be encountered.

The standard accessory is designed to accept jacketed screened cable and heat shrink boot. Performance of the connector is generally to VG 95234 with additional environmental requirements.

TTab Electronics ABSB Connectors TTAB Connectors

TTab Electronics Mk 35 Connectors

The AB Connectors Mk35 Connector series is derived from the American Mil-C-38999 Series III specification. The connectors are intermateable with the standard Series III connector, but to ensure optimum performance in the most severe environments, Mk35 connectors feature nickel aluminium bronze shells, coupling nuts and other major components.

Mk35 connectors feature 100% ‘scoop proof’ design and coupling is achieved by a triple start course thread. The connectors also feature a self locking antivibration mechanism for secure mating in high vibration environments.

Contacts conform to Mil-C-39029 and are crimp rear insertion, rear extraction. The socket is protected from probe damage by using a restricted entry design. Sealing between mating connectors is by compression of a interfacial seal and around each individual contact.

A comprehensive range of environment/plain backshells and accessories is available. AB Mk35 connectors conform to the requirements of CECC 75 201 002 Specification.

TTab Electronics Mk 35 Connectors TTAB Connectors

TTab Electronics Mk 38 Connectors

The Mk38 series of connectors conform to BS9522-F0034 and can withstand the toughest conditions found in the military ground and marine equipment applications.

This range features a high density 100% scoop proof design with anti-decoupling mechanism within the castellated coupling nut and quick start thread. This provides positive metal to metal contact between connector halves, resulting in a typical screening performance of 75 dB at 100MHz and 65dB at 1000MHz.

MK38 connectors are available in 3 to 128 contacts in an extensive range of platforms compatible with MIL-C-38999 Series 1. Crimp rear insertion, rear release contacts conform to MIL-C-39029.

The Mk38 range is available with a complete range of sealed outlets and accessories.

TTab Electronics Mk 38 Connectors TTAB Connectors

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