Electronic Overcurrent Protection Circuit Breakers

Typical Applications

E-T-A electronic overcurrent protection circuit breakers are ideally suited to protect equipment components in industrial applications and supply lines which are fed by means of DC24V switch-mode power supply.


Electronic overcurrent protection prevents short-term voltage dips of switch-mode power supplies to values below 18 V both in the event of a short circuit and in the event of overload in the load circuit. At the same time the products provide selective protection or disconnection even at very unfavourable overload conditions. Other features include current-limited switch-on of loads with high input capacities without increasing the current ratings as well as failure signalling.

E-T-A ESS20-1

Electronic circuit breaker (DC 24v Max 10A) with reset input, 1 led.

E-T-A ESS20-1 E-T-A


Electronic circuit breaker (dc 24v max 10A) with physical isolation, 2 pole.


E-T-A ESX 10

Electronic circuit protector dc 24v Max 12A elec disconnection, 1 led, reset imput, status output.

E-T-A ESX 10 E-T-A

E-T-A Ess20-0…

Electronic circuit breaker (DC 24v max 10 A) with physical isolation, 1 led.

E-T-A Ess20-0… E-T-A

E-T-A Module 17 plus ESS20-1

Modular power distribution system for ESS20-1, two track, track mountable.

E-T-A Module 17 plus ESS20-1 E-T-A

E-T-A Module 17 plus ESX 10

Modular power distribution system system for electronic circuit protector ESX 10

E-T-A Module 17 plus ESX 10 E-T-A

E-T-A Module 17 plus-ESS20-0

Module power distribution system for ESS20-0, two way, track mountable.

E-T-A Module 17 plus-ESS20-0 E-T-A

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